The term Workflow Action is used to describe the operation which is to be performed when the process occurs. This could be something like sending an email, producing a Word document such as a letter, changing the flag on a record (e.g. from started to completed), creating a report as an Excel spreadsheet or the production of a personalised PDF document.

Selection of the workflow actions option from the menu will display the maintenance screen showing a list of all the available existing actions with their code and descriptions. Note that the code is assigned automatically by the software when a new action is initially set up. Select New to create a new Workflow Action.

The maintenance screen for editing an individual action will be displayed with separate tabs for Action, Email, Document, Note/Diary, Changes and Responses. Not all details are relevant to all different types of actions therefore until the type of action has been defined, all these tabs are inaccessible and the headings are shown as low-lighted. Once the action’s type has been entered the tabs with details relevant to the chosen type will be displayed.