Global Tax Code Update

Use this wizard to automatically adjust employees’ tax codes by the specified amount for the provided tax code suffixes. This adjustment is performed only for employees with a suffix associated with an adjustment that is not blank or zero. This function eliminates the need to adjust employee tax codes individually when statutory global amendments are presented, such as at the start of the new tax year.

This wizard has two pages. The first page requests the payroll template. Only employees attached to this payroll are considered for adjustment.

The second page enables you to provide the point adjustments for each tax code suffix, which can be positive or negative. After you click Run, any suffixes that have a zero or blank value are not considered for adjustment. You must enter at least one non-blank or non-zero adjustment value for the wizard to take effect.

After you provide confirmation,after you click Run, all employees associated with the selected payroll template and currently have a tax code suffix that has been provided with a positive or negative adjustment value are amended by that adjustment value.

For example, to specify that employees’ tax codes with suffix L should be increased by 60, you enter 60 in the field for L. For example, an employee with a tax code of 1000L is changed to 1060L.

To specify a negative adjustment (to reduce tax code values), you must include a minus sign. For example, to specify that employees’ tax codes with suffix L should be reduced by 60, you type -60 in the field for L.

The standard auditing procedures are fulfilled as if each tax code had been changed manually.