Use this tab to create default payment and/or deduction items for all employees attached to the cost centre.


  • New, to select a payroll code and specify its defaults. The Fixed Pay/Ded window is displayed.
  • Edit, to change the defaults for the selected payroll code.
  • View, to view the defaults for the selected payroll code.

The payroll codes you set up are listed. The code type is displayed under Type, and the description for the payroll code is displayed under Payroll Code.

Payroll Code

Type the payroll code to be attached to the category for which defaults are to be set up, or click to select a code.

Code Type

Select the type of calculation to apply to the payroll code for the employees attached to the category.  Select:

  • Automatic, to apply the payroll code to every employee linked to the category when the payroll batch is initialized. This is generally suitable for fixed payments, such as salary.
  • Entered, to create a payroll entry for the code when the payroll batch is initialized. The value of the payment must then be input manually by using the payroll entry screens.
  • Select From, to enable the user to create a sub-list of payroll codes that can be used in the payroll entry screens for employees attached to this category.


Type the calculation defaults.

The fields available in this section depend on the type of payroll code you select. The Units and Rate fields are available only when the payroll code is associated with a rate, such as overtime.

Period Range

Type the start and/or end period to control when the payroll codes should be used. Optional.