Hide a Page in the Portal

This guide describes how to hide a portal page from view, and how to enable it again when needed. For this to work, you will need to be assigned the role of Portal Administrator. If you are not a portal administrator, but need to enable this role, use the following help page Setting up an Employee as a Portal Administrator.

Identifying the content page

To hide a page from view in the portal, you will need to identify the corresponding content page. Lets take the following example:

Lets say we want to hide the Vacancies Request page from view as we no longer want employees submitting vacancy requests.

To do this we need to identify and edit the corresponding content page.

We can identify the content page by using the URL used to access the vacancy request page.

First click on the page in the main menu to display the pages contents on the screen. In this instance the vacancy request form is displayed.

When the page is open, you will notice the URL for this page in the browsers search bar at the top of your browser window. The part of the URL we will need to make note of begins at api/.

Take a copy of all subsequent characters in the URL i.e. api/vacancies/request.

Now, go to the Admin section of the portal, by clicking the Admin option in the Quick Access Toolbar at the top.

Then in the search bar on the Content Pages screen, enter the snippet of the URL we copied earlier and Edit the page that appears in the list.


Display For Role

To hide the page, simply enter a role such as ‘HIDDEN‘ in the Display For Role box and click Save.

This does not have to be set to ‘HIDDEN’ so long as it is a role that is not used for any other purpose.

If in doubt, just type HIDDEN as this role is usually reserved for the purposes of disabling pages temporarily.

To enable the page again in future, just remove the Display For Role and Save your changes.