Use the Vehicles window to record an employee’s vehicle details. The vehicle can either be one provided as part of their terms of employment, or one they are responsible for maintaining as a function of their employment.

Car Driver

Select this check box to indicate the employee can drive.

Vehicle License Inspected

Type the employee’s licence reference number

Car Provided

If the employee is supplied with a car, select this check box.

Use the other fields to record further information about the car details, including its registration number

Vehicle Description

Type a description of the vehicle.

Registration Number

Type the registration number of the car.

Vehicle Inspected Licence

Type, or click and select, the date on which the employee’s licence for the vehicle was inspected.

Vehicle Allowance

Type thevalue of the allowance the employee receives if they provide their own vehicle for use on company business. There is no link between this field and the payroll module.