Address Book

Use this window to view and change an employee’s address details. You can record four addresses for an employee, which are shown on four tabs: Home Address, Emergency Contact, Next of Kin, and Next of Kin Work.

Five lines are allocated to hold the address, plus a separately defined sixth line for the postcode. If the 1st Letter in Uppercase check box on the General tab of the system definitions (System Setup > Housekeeping > System Definitions) is selected, the first character of each word in names and addresses is converted to uppercase. For example, “1 the high street” is converted to 1 “The High Street”.

If QAS software is in use, a lookup button () is provided alongside the Post Code field. Selecting takes you into the QAS software, and the employee’s address can be retrieved based on the postcode and house number. You can also record the office, home, and fax phone numbers.

You can also record an email address on each tab.

On the Emergency Contact, Next of Kin, and Next of Kin Work tabs, you can also record a contact name, and daytime, alternative, and fax telephone numbers.

Click Copy to place the currently displayed address onto the clipboard for use in third-party applications.