Use this window to record the qualifications for the selected employee.
Click New to create a qualification record. The Qualifications window is displayed. The following information describes what you specify in the fields.
After you click OK to save the record, a message is displayed that asks you if the next entry is a new subject at the same institution. If you click Yes, some information you entered in the fields is retained to help you enter details of the next qualification.


Select the credential type from the drop-down list to categorize the qualification.

From, To

If applicable to the type of qualification, type from and to dates in the fields (for example the years of study for a degree).


Optional. Select a credential code from the drop-down list to further describe the qualification.

You can set up credential codes by using Personnel > Definitions > Staff Development > Credential or Staff Development > Definitions > Credential.

Location, Description, Grade/Level

The Location, Description and Grade/Level fields enable you to provide more information about the qualification.

SIR Entry

For FE colleges only, it is possible to set up the qualification data for the statistical returns at this point to avoid having to enter it at a later date. To enable this feature, a parameter should be checked on. You can find this parameter on the SIR tab, by clicking System Setup > Housekeeping > System Definitions > SIR. The SIR Heading can be selected using the appropriate pop-up field. The values displayed are defined by the appropriate funding council and are maintained within the SIR FE/HE Definitions option.

Training Record