Monitoring Changes to the HR Record

Normally the Workflow Process monitors changes to the whole record and triggers providing the record meets the qualifying criteria, however in the case of the HR Record, individual fields can be monitored, to avoid situations where a change of address process might trigger when bank details are changed.

The Workflow Process will be the type that reacts to changes in data, rather that one that is scheduled.

The Monitor Changes To option would be set to HR Record.  The … button can be used to specify which fields (rather than the whole HR Record) are monitored.  This means that there’s now a potential for the process to trigger once per field, rather than once per record.  For example a change of address might result in up to 6 fields changing, and therefore for the process to be triggered up to 6 times.  Use the Exclude If > Done within the last hour to avoid this scenario.

If the corresponding Action is an email, you’ll need to delay the email being released until the changes to all the fields have been processed.  This can be acheived by creating a Diary Rule to add to the Action > Action Date that will release the email 5 minutes after the process is triggered which will give the system enough time to have processed all the changes.