Set up a transfer template for Government Gateway Imports

Before you can use Government Gateway Imports, you must set up a transfer template that describes to the import process the type of file to be created and where this file is created when it is received from the Government Gateway.

To set up the template:

  1. Click Payroll > Module Setup > Transfer Template. The Transfer Template window is displayed, which lists the existing transfer templates.
  2. Click New to create a transfer template. The Transfer Template window is displayed.
  3. Enter the data in the required fields and click Save to save the transfer template details. Refer to the table below for the details you must enter.
Table 1. P6, P9, Student Loan Updates
Field What you enter
Transfer Template Type any reference that uniquely identifies the template to the system. For example: P6P9
Description Type any description that makes it easy for you to identify this template. For example: P6, P9, Student Loan Updates
Type Select P6/P9/Student Loan Updates from the drop-down list.
Data Leave this field blank.
Function Leave this field blank.
Filename Type the full location and the XML filename for the P6, P9, and student loan data. This tells the import process what file to create and where. For security reasons, it is recommended you use a shared folder. For example, you can type the following location and filename:c:tempP6P9.xml
Invoke Leave this field blank.