General Ledger

Use this window to analyze payments and deductions between one or more general ledger codes. The workbench grid presented is the one defined in association with the Fixed Payments/Deductions window for the selected employee.

Creating a General Ledger Analysis record

The selection group at the top is used to define which part of the combination is being analyzed — that is, Gross Pay, Employer’s NI or Employer’s Pension.

Each posting entry may be analyzed to an indefinite number of General Ledger Codes.

For example

Gen Code                                                              Percentage

Gross Pay                      03.03.–.–        Department A – Wages            80%
                                         04.03.–.–        Department B – Wages            20%
Employer’s NI               00.01.–.–        NI Contributions                        100%
Employer’s Pension    03.04.–.–        Department A – Pensions        80%
                                         03.04.–.–        Department B – Pensions        20%

Although an indefinite number of entries may be entered, the total percentage split for each type must total 100.00.

Consult the module parameter definitions for alternative mechanisms of defining analysis rules that can be implemented with or instead of the above definitions. In particular, you can avoid having to define any pension or national insurance analysis by implementing some simple rules, starting with posting to the same accounts as achieved for the Analysis costs.