Flood Templates

Much of the information required by HESA already exists in some form in your institute’s personnel database. The ABW HESA module provides two powerful and flexible tools to import and validate existing computerized data before adding it to the HESA database: the data import and data flood tools. The data flood tool enables the data from the personnel system to be transferred, validated and recoded as HESA data. The data import tool enables you to import data from a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

Use this window to set up the rules that define how the personnel information is translated into data suitable for the HESA submission.

For example, if the following information is already available in the personnel system —

Resource ID Disability / Access Code (access_id)
06001 Mr J Jackson A – No Disability
06024 Ms Ann Brook A – No Disability
07045 Ms Margaret Holmes A – N/A
07087 Prof John Evans Disability Requiring Wheelchair Access
08444 Mrs. Sally Bevan A – No Disability

— you can create a flood template to link the appropriate code values together —

Disability / Access Code HESA Disability Code
A – No Disability 1 – Not Known to be Disabled
B – Disability Requiring Wheelchair Access 2 – Declared Disabled
N/A 9 – Information not Provided
All Others 9 – Information not Provided

— so that when you run the data flood tool, the data is converted in the HESA module to:

Resource ID HESA Disability Code
06001 Mr J Jackson 1
06024 Ms Ann Brook 1
07045 Ms Margaret Holmes 9
07087 Prof John Evans 2
08444 Mrs. Sally Bevan 1

After you define these flood template rules, you can use them over and over again to update the HESA data.

To set up a new flood template, click New. The Flood Templates window is displayed.

For information about the details you can enter on the Flood Template tab of the Flood Templates window, click here.