Government Gateway Imports

Use this wizard to import P6 and P9 tax code notice data and student loan data into Authorisation Centre and make it available for you to authorise its import into the software.

Before you can use this wizard, you must set up the transfer template for the data. For information about transfer templates, refer to Transfer Template. For information about how to create a transfer template for P6, P9, and student loan data, refer to Set up a transfer template for Government Gateway Imports.

This wizard has five pages.

1. Select the tax office reference associated with the data you wish to import.

2. Select the payroll template which has the HMRC credentials required to login and download the data. The templates displayed in the list are those you set up in the Template window (Payroll > Module Setup > Template).

3. Select the data you want to import from the Request Type drop-down list, You can select P6, P9, student loan start dates, student loan end dates, or ALL.

4. Select the transfer template for P6, P9, and student loan updates from the Transfer Template drop-down list.

5. If this function has not been used before or not been used for some time, outdated information may be downloaded. If you enter a date here, only HMRC notices after that date will be downloaded.

Click the Run button to start the wizard. A message is displayed, asking you to confirm you want to continue. Click the Yes button to confirm you want to proceed.

The next step is to authorise the import of the data into the software, by using the workbench in Authorisation Centre (using Standard Authorisation and the Amending Existing HR Record option).