HR Record

Use the HR Record set of options to create and maintain all aspects of an employee’s personal and payroll information. You can use various windows to enter different aspects of an employee’s details. You can display the windows by clicking the menu options on the left-hand side of the window. The name of the currently selected employee is displayed at the top of the window, in addition to their status, an optional alert, and the option you are using. You can only perform changes to one employee record at a time.

A set of buttons are displayed in a row across the top. Not all the buttons are relevant to all windows associated with an HR record, so although they are always shown, only the relevant ones are available.


Click the following four buttons to create, maintain, or view a record.


Create a new record.


Maintain or change the highlighted record.


Remove the highlighted record.


View the highlighted record (you cannot make changes).


These two buttons act upon any notes attached to the record.

Hide / Display

Enables you to display or hide from view any notes that have been created.


Enables you to create and maintain notes for a highlighted record.


Enables you to create and maintain a diary item for the highlighted record.


Enables you to link any document to any employee’s record. The document should exist on a central server — otherwise, users will not be able access one another’s documentation. The number of attached documents is also displayed.