Define a training course as requiring a refresher course

Some courses, such as a first aid course require refresher trainining a certain amount of time after the initial training is undertaken.

To define a couse as requiring a refresher course:

  1. Create the training course definition.
    • Click Personnel > Definitions > Staff Development > Training Course or Staff Development > Setup > Training Course. The Training Course window is displayed.
    • Click New. The Training Course window is displayed.
    • On the General tab, specify the details of the course.
    • On the Rules tab, specify the rules for the course, if this course requires Refresher training, select either From Requirement or From Completion from the list.
    • You may optionally select a Diary Rule, which, when the need for training is generated, will be used to create a Due By Date.
    • If the refresher couse is a course other than the original course, select the refresher course from the Refresher Training Course list.
    • Click OK to save the course details.

On completion of the training, a new Training Need record will be created for the employee.