Use this window to view, create, amend, delete, and import definitions of activities that you can use in the employment history details of an employee’s HR record. An activity is a job role. For your organization, activities should be set up to define all your organization’s occupations — such as managerial staff, teaching staff, suppport staff, specialist trades staff, and so on.

An activity definition provides defaults for an employment history record, such as location, department, and line manager. The activity definition acts like a template, and provides information that fills several fields in the employment history record, but you can use the Employment History window to change the details in the employment history record.

Click New in the Activity window to create an activity. The Activity window is displayed. To create an activity, you enter details on the tabs.

Note: if you use employment history records to establish salary grades and scales, but you do not have the Personnel module, some fields are visible (such as Location, Department, or Line Manager) but you cannot use them.

For information about the details you enter on the Activity tab, click here.