BACS Disbursements – Set Up

In order to set up BACS payments to third parties, such as HMRC, Pensions, Attachments, Employee loan payments and Employee Savings, you will need to do the following:

1.Set up the bank accounts for each recipient:  Payroll > Definitions > Module Setup > Bank

Select new and enter the details.

2.A new field has been entered on all deduction types called bank, this needs to be updated for each employee. For example, to update savings: HR Record > Payroll Functions > Savings > Edit in the bank field select the relevant bank from the drop down menu.

3.This needs to be done for all current and new third party deduction types in order for deductions to be included in the BACS payments.

To run the BACS payments select the BACS – Disbursements wizard –  Payroll > Reports > Payments Reports > BACS Processing – Disbursements, then follow the wizard

On page 1, select the template.

On page 2, you can select to submit a number of secondary templates in conjunction with the primary template selected on the first page of the wizard.

On page 3, select the template that defines the format in which the requested data is to be presented to an awaiting 3rd party application. These templates can be created in module definitions.

On page 4, enter the payroll period.

On page 5, enter the payment date.

On page 6, select the bank account to use to pay HMRC deductions.

Then select run to finalise the BACS payments.