Email acknowledgement of receipt of certificate to employee

Create a new Workflow Action to email the employee requesting a certificate.

Select New from the Workflow, Actions list.


Enter the following Action details.


Enter something explanatory like “Email certificate receipt to employee”.

Action Type



The details we’ll need for the email are in the Absence Entries table.

Performed By

We want this Workflow Action to be performed Automatically.

Action Date

The Workflow Action should be performed at the time that the absence record is entered and saved, so select Today, or leave the field empty which has the same effect as selecting Today.

Waiting Date

We’ve acheived our goal of obtaining a certificate and therefore this is the final Action so no waiting is required.


Select the Email tab to create the email that will be sent to the employee.

Clicking Fields will slide out a draw on the right hand side showing a list of fields in the Absence Entries table for use within the email.  To include personal information, select the HR Record option.  Double click on a field to include in the email to copy the field ID, place your cursor in the Text field at a point where you would like the details to appear and paste the field ID using Ctrl V.  The actual data, such as employees forename will be substituted when the email is created.


This email is directed at the Employee.


If the email is to be copied to anyone else, enter their email addresses here, separated by a semi-colon (;).


Enter something explanatory here such as “Certificate Received”.  This will form the subject of the email.


This will be the body of the email.

Here’s an example of the email.

		Dear <FORENAME>Following your sickness from <START_DATE> to <END_DATE>, we are writing to acknowldge receipt of your certificate.RegardsHR Department

Select Save.

You will be asked “Do you want to create a Work Flow Process for this Action”.  As we have multiple actions within this process, we’ll select No and create the Work Flow Process later.

Select Close.

You’ll see the Action that you created in the list.

Next Step