Module Definitions

Use this window to define the way certain functions operate in the HESA module and to assign specific default values to some of the HESA fields.

Institute Identifier

Type the four-digit code assigned to your Institution by HESA. It is used as a reference on all the return records produced by the software.

Start Date and End Date

Type the start and end dates of the current submission for which the data is being prepared, or click the lookup button to select the dates.

Nationally Negotiated Scale Points

If your institute uses the Nationally Negotiated Salary points rather than their own internal salary scale, select this check box to ensure that the software applies the rules about defaults as defined by HESA for the submission.

If your institute operates its own internal salary scale, do not select this check box (it should be clear).

Employee Query

Select the name of the browser template, which provides a link between the personnel data and the HESA module. It defines which employees are included in the return and identifies which fields within the personnel system are accessible to the HESA module. (You can define the exact links between personnel fields and HESA fields by using the Flood Templates window.) Click the lookup button to view a list of all the browser templates available.

If the lookup button does not show any templates, check the web service connection is operating correctly by using the Test Web Service choice on the Web Service menu.

Employee Reference, HESA Staff Identifier, Name, Date of Birth, State Date, Leave Date

The next six fields link the fields in the personnel system to the HESA module. For example, for Employee Reference, you should specify the name of the unique employee identifier field from the personnel system. If the browser template has been correctly set up as the employee query, the drop-down list provides a list of all the available fields in the template and you can select the correct one.

Default Contract Identifier

Type the field name that contains the contract number within the personnel system, which appears on the browser template for importing the contract details. This field name is not validated now.