Email payslips

Before you email payslips for the first time, it is a good idea to create and run a query to ensure all employees have email addresses set up in their HR record. This can also be used before each payslip run to identify any new starters without email addresses. For information about creating queries, refer to Queries.

To email the payslips, click Payroll > Preprinted Stationery > Payslips and on page 7 of the selection wizard, select the Email check box.

File Location

This field holds the name of the directory where each employee’s payslip will be created as a .pdf form and the name of the file to be created. If the name is to include a unique identifier of the person, like their employee ID, this can be included by putting the field name within “<” and “>”.

For example,

C:tempPayslips May<EMP_ID>-Payslip.pdf

will create a payslip called


for employee with reference 02301

Once you have entered this information, it will be saved and next time you run the payslips you only need to amend it.

In the above example, you could change the directory

c:tempPayslips May


c:tempPayslips June

for the next month.

IMPORTANT – This directory must already exist before you run the payslips.

Report Location

This is the location and name of the report which creates your payslips. In most cases it will be the same report which produces the printed version of the payslip and will include your company name.

For example,

C:Program FilesJanecommonReportsPAY14-Company.rpt

You can use Browse to help locate the file. Again, once you have set this for the first time there will be no need to enter it everytime you run the emailing of payslips.

Email Details

On the next page of the wizard you can enter any subject and body text you wish to appear in the email. Field names can be included within “<” and “>”.

For example,


Please find attached your payslip for May. If you have queries please contact the Payroll Department on ext. 230

will produce an email saying

Dear Sally Smith

Please find attached your payslip for May. If you have queries please contact the Payroll Department on ext. 230Finally, click Run and the process of emailing the payslips starts. Any errors, such as missing email addresses, are displayed as messages.

Note that Outlook will email the payslips and this may also open a window saying “A program is trying to email on your behalf…” and you should respond Yes to this.


If you require a password to be entered by the recipient in order to access their payslip. You  will need to purchase and install the third party encryption software from the address  The software as issued will use the employee’s NI Number as their password.

The field PDF -Encoding software will need to contain the full path and file name of the encoding software.

This field can be found in System Setup>Housekeeping>System Definition>Personnel.