Change Details

This type of action is used where the workflow system is made to change the value of a field on a table. This could be changing a status to completed, setting a date, adding a code or description …etc. and could be as a result of a previous action.

For example, if the workflow system handled absences by emailing the employee on entry of a new absence record to remind them to send their sickness certification to the HR department, then a Change Details action could be set up to set the Certified field on their absence record to Y when the certificate was eventually received.


The table which contains the field to be updated should be selected from the two displayed here. The HR record is always available and the other table is the one selected as the Function on the main action details tab.


This defines which field on the table is to be updated. This can be selected from a list of available fields by using Fields to open a window on the right hand side of the screen showing all those available. A field is selected by simply double clicking it in the list.

New Value

If there are no restrictions on the value of the field chosen then anything can be entered here. If however, the field is a code, then a list of all the valid entries for that code will be displayed below and the appropriate one should be selected from this list by double clicking it.