Sickness Certificate

Use this window to record the receipt of self-certificates and doctors’ certificates (fit notes), and the dates to which they apply. A period of absence might require multiple certificates.

Click New to create a new sickness certificate record. The Sickness Certificate window is displayed. You can record the following details.

Employee Reference

View-only. This field displays the employee reference and name of the selected employee.


Select the absence record from the drop-down list. The drop-down list displays the sickness absence records you create by using the Absences window.

Certification Type

Select the certificaton type from the drop-down list.

You can set up the certification types displayed in the list by using the Certification Type window (Personnel > Absence Monitoring > Certification Type).


This field displays the descripion associated with the certification type, but you can change the description.

From Date

Click and select the start date for the certificate.

To Date

Click and select the end date for the certificate.