Employee Additional Information

There is some additional information to be reported under RTI for each employee which is not currently notifiable under the present PAYE system.

To enter the new RTI information:

  1. Select HR Record > Payroll Details > Real Time Information. Within this window there are only two fields that are compulsory:
  2. Select the Irregular Employment Payment Pattern check box for any employee who is paid on an irregular basis, such as casual or seasonal employees. If this check box is not set then HMRC will assume the employee has left if they are not paid within a specific period of time.
  3. Select Number of Normal Hours Worked from the dropdown list.

You can enter the RTI additional information individually for each employee or you can import it from a spreadsheet.

To import data for the above fields from a spreadsheet:

  1. Create a spreadsheet with the following column headings:Column Heading                          Data
    EMP_ID                                          Employee Reference
    NORMAL_HOURS                       A – Up to 15.99
    B – 16 to 29.99
    C – 30 hours or more
                                                           D – other
                                                          E – default
  2. Save your spread sheet as a CSV file.
  3. Select System Setup > Authorisation Centre > Workbench
  4. Select Standard Authorisation and Amend Existing HR Records from the Source drop down lists.
  5. Click the Proposed tab.
  6. Click Import. Use the browser to select the CSV file from browse and click Import.
  7. The imported data will be displayed. Check the data.
  8. Click the Authorise tab. Either click Swap ALL to select all the data or select individual employees by selecting the check boxes. Click Update and the employee’s RTI data will be updated.

The remaining RTI fields should only be completed where they apply to the selected employee.

Passport number: Type the employee’s passport number if their National Insurance Number is unknown.
Partner Details for ASPP claim: These fields are only entered if ASPP is being claimed.
Foreign Country: This is required if the employee’s address is outside the UK.
Starting Declaration: Select a value from the drop down list for a new starter. This is the information currently entered on the employee’s P46.  The entry of a value into this field triggers a starter segment for this employee in the next FPS return. If Not a UK National is selected then the Indicator to live the UK question must be answered.
Indicator to live in the UK: Select from the drop down list where this applies.
European Economic Area or Commonwealth Citizen: Select this check box if the employee is from a country in the European Economic Area.
EPM 6 (modified) scheme: Select this check box  if the submission for this employee relates to an EPM6 (modified) scheme for tax equalised expatriate employees.
Occupational Pension: Select this check box if the employee receives an Occupational Pension.
Annual amount of occupational pension: Type the annual amount of the Occupational Pension.
Aggregated earnings: Select this check box if earnings from more than one job have been added together to calculate National Insurance Contributions.
Indicate Yes if your employee is seconded to work in the UK: Select this check box if the employee is seconded to work in the UK.
Employee is a leaver in the current payroll period: Select this check box  if the employee is a leaver in the current pay period.
Payment is after date of notification of contract ending: Select this check box if a payment is being made after you have made a submission with a leaving date and the employee has not been re-employed.