Use this window to view the results of the gross-to-net calculation for the selected employee for the highlighted pay period.

Each of the entries in the working file for the employee are used, with the required payroll code definitions, to provide taxable, NI-able and pensionable gross pay values upon which the appropriate calculations can be made.

The stages of the calculation process can be reviewed in the Messages enquiry to determine the rules employed by each process. This series of forms provides a view of the resulting values that culminate in the net pay value displayed on the first page.

This function displays historical details from previous pay periods. Subsequently, a user-definable grid is first presented, one row representing each pay period, to allow you to select the required pay advice to review.

Click View to display the currently selected pay period in more detail, on three pages of information – Employee Summary, National Insurance + Pensions, and Statutory Payments. You cannot change any of the details.