Use this tab to specify the government gateway parameters for the selected template. These details are used by the system when you transfer your year end P14 and P35 information.



Type the username supplied to you by HMRC.


Type the password supplied to you by HMRC.

Vendor ID

Type 1328, the code that identifies Jane Systems Ltd as the vendor. This tells HMRC that the data transmitted has been prepared by a system created by Jane Systems Ltd.

IR Reference

This field is for future use. Leave it blank.

Tax Office

If the following fields are left blank, for the submission process the system attempts to use the information recorded in the payroll module definitions, on Payroll > Module Setup > Module Definitions > References. You must record these details somewhere, either in the payroll module definitions or for each template.


Type the reference of the tax district of your organization.


Type the allocated tax reference of your organization.


This is your 13 character HMRC accounts office reference and is included in the RTI submission files.


 Sub Contractors Tax

Optional. Type the amount of subcontractor’s tax to be declared on the Internet P35 file.

Remaining to Pay

Type the value of any tax that has not been paid to HMRC at the time of submission of the Internet return.

Default Currency

Type the following for Pound Sterling:


Check List

The checklist items indicate which items are included in the transmission. Select all those that apply for your organization.

End Of Year Summary

Free Of Tax Payments

 Expenses Or Benefits

Employees Out of UK


Employees Pay To 3rd Party

Service Payments





For information about the details you enter on the Contact tab, click here.