The Workflow module is designed to automate some of the HR department’s more mundane and repetitive tasks which can use up the valuable time and resources of the department, leaving HR personnel free for more important work.

What are Workflows?

A workflow is an action or sequence of actions the system will complete for you automatically. These actions can include sending out reminders, alerting someone of an update, creating a document, modifying field settings and adding a Diary Note
Workflows have two key components:
• Processes that determine when an Action or Actions should be triggered
• Actions that define the automated outcome of a Process trigger

Where are Workflows?

The Workflow Menu is accessed via the @Workflow icon in your Systems Homepage.

What are the Workflow menu options?

The Workflow module has a five-option submenu that enables you to manage all aspects of your workflows.



Allows you to create, review, modify and delete Workflow Processes


Allows you to create, review, modify and delete Workflow Actions


The Workbench allows you to view and administer Actions that have encountered problems executing.

This area also holds Actions that have been programmed to be performed via the Workbench, in order that they can be reviewed and modified before completion.

Actions are often set to be performed via the Workbench when they are first created. This allows settings to be verified, preventing erroneous Processes and Actions from taking effect.

Start Workflows

Allows you to manually start a selected Workflow Process and to restrict its effect to individual records, if required.

Note that only Workflow Processes without fully defined Schedules are available to be started manually.

Workflows – On/Off

Accesses the main On/Off switch for Workflows allowing you to shut down or return to operation all Workflow Processes.

Each individual Process can be disabled within its settings menu but relies on the Workflows – On/Off settings to be activate at any level.

You can also direct email notification Actions to switch to using Home email Addresses and set a waiting period for attempting failed Actions within this menu.