Working File

Use this window to specify start and end dates for the payment item in the working file.

When you specify start and end dates, the system attempts to use its date-effective processing to prorate the payment. For example, if you set dates against the payroll code for basic pay or salary, which can be for a past pay period, the system prorates the salary payment.

You can also enter times, but they are for reference purposes only: they are not used by the system to calculate values.

Start date, Time

Type the start date. You can also type a time.

End Date, Time

Type the end date. You can also type a time.

If you do not type an end date, the system assumes the end of the pay period. For example, for an employee who is attached to a monthly template, if you enter the 2nd of December as the start date and leave the End Date field empty, the system assumes the 31 December as the end date.


Click Apply to apply the dates.

NOTE: the dates are not saved when you click Apply. You must click Save in Working File to save the working file record, and any dates you specify for the payment item are then saved.