Set up iConnect Qualifying Query

You can apply a Qualifying Query to act as a filter when you run the i-Connect submission. This is a way of ensuring you include the appropriate group of employees in your submission.

Typical filters would be:

  • All support staff
  • All support staff in a particular school/location

If you don’t apply a Qualifying Query to tell the i-Connect function who to include it will simply include all staff of all types which will include Teachers.

To create a Qualifying Query, select Queries and click New.

1. Select Personnel, click Next
2. Select Employment History, click Next
3. Give the Query an appropriate name which will enable you to identify it from a list
4. Tick Accessible by All Users












5. Select the fields you wish to include in the Query. The only field required for the i-Connect submission is Employee Reference however it is advisable to include other fields so you can run the Query and check it does result in the correct group of employees.

Note: For non i-Connect output. If you are creating a Query to use with the i-Connect submission for producing an output in an alternative format (not i-Connect) and this format has additional fields which are not part of standard i-Connect you must include them in your Query.












6. Add a filter which defines the employees you wish to include. This may be simply all support staff or support staff at a particular location.













7. Click Finish and check that the results include all the employees you are expecting.

Note that you may see records in the results which are for historical contracts. This is fine as when you run the i-Connect submission it will check the the contract falls within the period you select on the i-Connect wizard. Any contracts which are outside this period will be ignored.

Hint. If you are creating a Qualifying Query per location, remember you can copy one Query to create another and then simply edit the filter on the new Query. In the list of Queries, right click on the Query you wish to copy and select Duplicate Query.