Health Checks

The Health Checks systems records information about health check the company may choose to send an employee for. Some employers require that an employee has a health check before commencing employment or upon reaching certain a certain age, such as 50. This window allows a record of an impending health to be set up and then progressed and the outcome recorded.

Creating an Employee Health Check record


When creating a new health record it can be given a type, for example, new employee check, age 40 check, age 50 check. If a type is elected the description will automatically default to the description associated with the chosen type. This may be amended or replaced with text of your own choice.


The reference is not validated and just allows you to put in a reference to any documentation regarding the health check such as notes.


Relevant dates can be entered for the health check such as the issue date which is usually the date the health check was entered into the system, the sentdate; usually the date which the employee is required to attend for the check and the actual return date; the date when the results or the test are received and the expected return date which is the date the results should be received by. Queries and reporting can be used to monitor the progress of the complaint by checking on these dates.


The actual cost and the expected cost of performing this health check can be recorded for comparison.

Status, Action and Outcome

The status, action and outcome fields can be used to record how the health is progressing ie what stage it has reached and what the outcome was. Status could be Open, Closed, Extended. Actions could be Referred to Specialist, Contacted Line manager with results. Outcomes could be employment refused, promotion confirmed, etc.