Define the HR Record data item access for a user group

To define the HR Record data item access for a user group:

  1. Click System Setup > Housekeeping > User Group – HR Record Option – Data Item Access. The User Group – HR Record – Option Data Item Access window is displayed.
  2. In Application User Group, select a user group from the list of user groups.
  3. Select a module, by clicking Personnel, Recruitment, or Payroll. The list of options changes to reflect the options available for the selected module.
  4. Select an option, for example HR Record in the Personnel module. A list of fields are displayed, with the access permissions that apply to the selected user group. Captions (field labels) are displayed by default. To view the field names, click Field Names. The system shows you the table name and the field name. To view field labels again, click Captions.
  5. Define the access for the data items for the selected module and option. In Data Items, select the data item. Select one of the following choices from the Access drop-down list:
    • Optional – the field is shown to the user and the user can make changes to the content of the field.
    • Mandatory – the field is shown to the user, but the user must set a value for the field. If the user does not aneter a value, the record cannot be saved until the user enters a value for each mandatory field. If a user tries to save a record without supplying a value for a mandatory field, a message is displayed that tells the user which fields are mandatory, for which values must be entered.
    • Enquiry Only – the field is shown to the user but the user cannot make changes to the content of the field.
    • No Access – the field is hidden from the user.
    • You can select the Toggle All on/Off check box to grant Full Access to everything listed for the selected option, or clear the check box to set No Access to everything.
  6. For fields where the caption (field label) is followed by an asterix (*), you can restrict access further by using Values. For example, if you want to restrict the user group’s access to records of employees who work in a particular department, select the Personnel module, select HR Record, select the Department field, and click Values. The Lookup window is displayed. Select the department, such as Accounts, from the list, click Select, and click Close to close the Lookup window. The department is displayed in the Resrictions field for the data item.
  7. Click Save to save your changes. A message is displayed that tells you any changes you make do not take effect until the next time the users in the user group log in.
  8. Click Close to close the HR Record Options – Data Item Access window.

Note: The Mandatory option is currently restricted to the following HR Record windows (the functionality does not apply to any other windows):