Use this tab to define the settings required for the maintenance and export of the SIR details in the software.

HE or FE

This field defines the organization as a Higher Education or a Further Education College, which in turn determines the format of the maintenance windows displayed for data entry.

Submission/Institution Reference

The Submission Reference that will have been issued to the college by the funding council. The reference will be used on the exported file that is returned to the funding council to identify the college submitting the return.

Submission Year From/To

These fields hold the start and end dates for the SIR return currently being processed.

Pro Rata FTE

Use Training Hours to Determine CPD Hours

English or Welsh

This field defines whether the organization is an English or a Welsh college, and defines the format of the maintenance windows presented for the entry of data.

Annual Pay: Calculate

If you select this check box, the option SIR – FE – Salaries, found on the Personnel Functions menu can be used to generate the annual salary code used on the English FE SIR return, based on the employee’s salary history between the dates defined above.

Annual Pay: Enter

If you select this check box, the field Annual Salary is made available for maintenance on the Employee’s English FE SIR window, otherwise the salary will need to be entered either via the Calculate Annual pay option, or by some third party process.

Default Values/Links

Define a field on the employee’s SIR record that can be updated from the employee’s qualification window.

Contract=Employment History

Nationally Negotiated Scale Points

If you select this check box, the SALREF field (Basic Salary at reference date) used in the HESA return is set to XXXXXXX on all records output by the HESA export process.