Alternative Ways to Create Data Import Templates

You can also create your own templates by simply adding the correct field names as column headers to your import file.

The field names can be found in two different ways:

1. Field Names from Data Item Access

System Setup > Housekeeping HR Record Option – Data Item Access.

Select any Application User.

Select the required file, e.g. Appraisals.

Toggle between Captions and Field Names to find the field name you require.

E.g. Appraisal Data is field name APP_DATE.

Note: This function is only available to users with Administrator Permissions).


2. Field Names from any Software Window


You can also find a field name from any software window by  right-clicking on the field label, (i.e. using the function you can use to change the field labels in the software).

E.g. HR Record HR Record Personal Details.

Right-click the label (not the field containing the data) Date of Birth. This shows the table the information belongs to and the field name. For the field name you want everything after the full stop. In the example below, the field name is DATE_BIRTH.