Use Payroll Report Selection Wizard to generate an Occupational Sickness report for a selected employee. HR and payroll staff can use this type of report to identify which employees’ occupational sick pay will reduce or change in the near future.

To use the wizard, you enter the employee reference and the start and end dates of the period for the report. Use the Report Confirmation window to choose between a grid or report view, or to export the requested data to a file. You can also use the window to change the report title and headings.

In the report view, the report header shows the user, company, report title, selected date range, date and time.

The report view also shows the following details:

  • the employee reference and name
  • the duration type of the current occupational sickness scheme (calendar or working days)
  • the absence start
  • the payroll codes for the occupational sickness allowances
  • the associated descriptions of the payroll codes
  • the start and end periods of allowance used
  • the start and end periods of other allowances
  • the duration of each allowance
  • the dates of any sickness in the period
  • the number of days of the allowances used
  • the number of days of allowances remaining