RTI Submission

This wizard guides you through the monthly RTI submission and prepares the monthly file for submission to the government gateway.

On page 1, select the template from the drop-down list. Employees linked to the template are included in the submission.

On page 2, select the template that defines the format in which the requested data is to be presented to an awaiting 3rd party application. These templates can be created and maintained within the module definitions.

There are four new types of submission file which can be sent via the Government Gateway, therefore a template needs to be created for each of these.

EAS Employee Alignment Submission

This contains basic information about each of your employees and is sent as a one-off before you start using RTI submissions. Receipt of this file by HMRC indicates you are ready to use RTI.

NVR National Insurance Number Verification Request

This sends a file containing employee’s name, address, DOB and NI number to HMRC and they will either verify that the NI number you have sent is correct or send you the correct NI number if you have left it blank. This submission can be run at any time and would typically be used when a new employee starts.

FPS Full Payment Submission

This is the full detail of your employee’s pay which is sent at the same time as the EPS, typically monthly.

EPS Employer Payment Summary

The file is a summary of employer payments made and is sent to HMRC at the end of the payroll cycle, typically monthly.

On page 3, tick the option if you want an IR mark to be generated and inserted into the submission file.

On page 4, leave blank

On page 5, leave blank

On page 6, although you can submit each payroll template separately, you may wish to submit a number of secondary templates in conjunction with the primary template selected on the first page of the wizard. Any employee records associated with any payroll template will also be included in the internet submission.