Re-sequence the columns on a grid

To reorder grid columns for Queries in the Portal, i.e Start Date column moved to before End Date column:

– You must be a user who has access to System Setup.

– Ensure you note whether the grid you want to reorder is part of the Self-Service or Authorised User portal functionality.


Key Terminology

  • Query – A request for data. When creating Queries in the software you can specify the data you wish to request.
  • Grid – In the Portal, this data is displayed in the Grid. The Grid is simply a formatted way of dispaying the data/records. It will display the column names (Note: you can click these columns in the Portal to order your records appropriately in ascending or descending order).


  1. In the software, click File (above the ribbon at the top of the screen).
  2. Click System Setup HR Portal.
  3. You will need to know whether the Query/Grid is for Self-Service users or Authorised users. As appropriate, click Self Service or Authorised Users.
  4. Find the Query/Grid that is being displayed in the Portal. It will be named something appropriate, i.e. if it is an Authorised User Grid that shows team members, it may be called AU – Team Members.
  5. If you are the user who created the Query, select Me. If you were not the user, select Other Users.(Note: You may not have the the appropriate permissions to change other user’s Queries depending on whether or not Query is set to Accessible by all users, found in the Advanced Options in Queries).
    Ensure you check each individual user if you do not find the Query initially.
  6.  Click the Query once identified, and click Select.
  7. In the Grid that is displayed, click and drag the columns to reorder them as preferred.
  8. Exit the window.