Resolving Workflow Workbench Errors

Workflow Actions that cannot be completed due to configuration or System Errors will be held in the Workflow Workbench for viewing and resolution.

Determining The Workflow Error

When a Workflow fails the system will record the reason for failure and present it in the Workbench

System Errors are shown in the System Message column of the Workbench grid view. This column is placed in the far right column of the workbench grid, as default. use the scrollbar at the base of the Workbench window to access the System Message column

Workbench System Message

The most common Workflow errors reported in the System Message are:

  1. Unable to determine a list of email addresses
  2. Unable to Locate Attachment

Performing and Cancelling Workflow Actions

Once an Action is held in the Workbench it will rest there until an operator resolves the cause of the error and Performs or Cancels the Action.

Operators can Perform or Cancel Actions by selecting the respective Perform or Cancel check box associated with the Action and pressing the Perform button in the Workbench Action Tab.

The System will independently re-attempt failed Workflow Actions after the workflow cooldown period has expired. The cooldown period is set in the Workflow > Workflow On/Off settings menu.

Workflow On Off Settings