Use this window to review proposed or historical P60 details and (security and circumstances permitting) amend many of the data items displayed.

The Balances tab displays the appropriate balances and so on for the selected employee for the year reference selected on the first page.

Most employee records only contain one set of statutory balances for each particular year. However, the system allows multiple balances sets to be kept for an employee to reflect different periods of employment in the same tax year. These are created using the “New Set of Balances” wizard available from the Payroll Functions menu.

If multiple sets (usually only one alternative set is anticipated) are available then the “Balance Set” indicator will alter to reflect the sets available:

Grey     –           Not Available

Black    –           Available

Red      –           Currently Selected

If the balance set currently displayed is either for a previous tax year or is a previous balance set for the current year, i.e. they are no longer active then you will also be able to select Changes to potentially alter the details of this page of balances.

The National Insurance Category analysis provided in the bottom half of this page can only be amended by the NI function of the Balances menu of the HR record.


Click Changes to alter the values stored on the Balances tab.

Each of the details on the Balances tab (NI analysis excepting) can be amended using this facility. Any successfully completed alterations are audited and can be reviewed from the appropriate system reports and enquiries.