Holiday Rollover

Use the Holiday Rollover Wizard to copy Holiday Allowances from one year to the next.

Please ensure that the Absence Year Start parameter (System Setup > Housekeeping > System Definitions > Absences) has been updated to the current year before running this wizard.

If the previous holiday allowance record was associated to an activity/employment history record, then the new allowance will also be associate to the activity/employment history record and the number of days allowed will be pro rata’d for part time employees where appropriate.

It should be noted that the actual number of days holiday assigned to the employee is not copied from the employee’s previous holiday allowance, but calculated based on the number of days allocated to the holiday allowance definition.

Specify Holiday Allowance(s)

Select the holiday allowance to be copied from one year to the next.

From Date

Enter the start date of last years holiday allowance.

Start Date

Enter the start date of this years holiday allowance.  The From Date plus one year will be assumed.