Use this tab to specify the following parameters.

Use Calculation Messaging

When the payroll calculation is being processed for an employee, it can often produce unexpected results depending on the settings of system and employee-associated parameters. The messaging service records each step taken in the calculation of an employee’s net pay and also records why each step of the calculation was performed by displaying the values used. You can review the calculation history for a selected employee by using HR Record > Payroll Functions > Messages.

Select this check box to switch on calculation messaging, or clear it to switch messaging off. You can switch this setting on or off at any time without affecting the results of the calculation.

Use Employment History Links

Some of the values of payroll codes are calculated by using the salary of an employee. The fixed payments and deductions (recurring items) defined against an employee can be directly linked to an employment history record for that employee, which contains the salary value for an activity (post) for that employee. In many circumstances, this might be the same value, but for some employees who have multiple active activities this might be a proportion of the employee’s total salary. This parameter dictates if the calculation should refer to the activity salary rather than the employee’s total salary, where possible.

Lock Template on Calculate

When a batch of payslips is being produced, or the BACS transfer file is created, the associated payroll template is locked, to stop other users modifying employee’s details that can affect the payroll calculation. You can switch a template’s lock on or off by setting a parameter on the Template window (select Payroll > Template, select the template, click Edit, and select Locked? on the Features tab). This control determines if the template is also locked when you request a calculation of the template.

Bank Account Validation

You can select the following check boxes to ensure that bank account details conform to your selected settings.

Numeric Only – Sort Code + Account Number

Select this check box to enforce that sort codes and account numbers are numeric.

Sort Code – Enforce 6 Character Length

Select this check box to enforce that sort codes are six characters long.

Account Number – Enforce 8 Character Length

Select this check box to enforce that account numbers are eight characters long.

For information about the details you enter on the NI Table tab, click here.