Set up a transfer template for BACS

Before you can process BACS for the first time, you must set up a transfer template that describes to the BACS process the type of file to be created, what it looks like, and where this file is created before it is transferred to BACS.

To set this up, click Payroll > Module Setup > Transfer Template.

The following fields are required on the template:

Export Template

Type a unique code to identify the template to the system.


Type a description that makes it easy for you to identify this template.


Select BACS from the drop-down list.

Format Style

Select User Defined from the drop-down list.

Click Import to enter the details of  where the Flexible BACS format file is, and import it. The Open window is displayed, where you can browse to find the Flexible BACS Format File. Select the file, and click Open.

If there is already a format set up, the following message is displayed:

Overwrite existing user defined format

Click OK to acknowledge the message.

If the format is successfully imported, the following message is displayed:

Format string import succeeded.

Click OK to acknowledge the message.


Leave this field blank.

Create File

Type the full path and filename that tells the BACS process where the file that is to be created is kept on your computer. For example:



Leave this field blank.