New Employee

Use this option to create a new employee record.

The employee reference assigned to the record, depends on the Employee Reference parameter settings on the References tab in the HR Application – Features window (System Setup > Housekeeping > System Definitions > References). The system can generate a numeric employee reference, or you can define the employee reference.

These parameters can also restrict the number of characters a reference is given, whether it is right-justified, and whether it is to be padded with zeros.

To create the employee’s HR record, either click Finish if the application is set to generate the next employee number, or enter a reference in the Next Employee Reference number field and click Finish. You are asked to confirm the process. After you confirm, a new blank record is created.

You can define initial values for some fields in new HR records by setting the parameters on the Defaults tab of the Payroll – Features window (Payroll > Module Setup > Module Definitions > Defaults). You can change any defaults provided on the Defaults tab by updating the fields in the employee’s HR record.