Use this tab to specify how you want transaction entries to appear on the payslip.

Summary Columns

eXtra Data Items

Deduction Column Includes

Pension(s), TAX, National Insurance

Select each check box to show the item under the deduction column of the payslip.

Show Multiple Schemes

Select this check box to itemize each pension payment in the deduction column. For those employees who contribute to multiple pension schemes, the deduction column shows the deduction payment for each pension. Clear this check box to show only the total deduction value for all pensions.

Display Transactions

Use the following check boxes to determine how you want to show the values for each payment or deduction (payroll code) on the payslip.


Click this to show a summary entry for the payment or deduction. Only one entry is shown on the payslip.

Use Grouping

Select this check box to show one entry for the payroll codes grouped together in one item group.

You can create item groups by selecting Payroll > Module Setup > Item Group and then clicking New to create the item group.

To select the item group for a payroll code, select Payroll > Module Setup > Payment/Deduction, select the payroll code, click Edit, and then select the item group on the General tab.

For some examples of grouping payroll codes and alternative ways in which entries can appear on a payslip, click here.


Click this to show one entry for each transaction for the payment or deduction.