Use this window to maintain the details of an employee’s record, which are of relevance to the payroll process. If you only have the Personnel module installed, this information is less vital and the window can be considered as an optional feature.

If the Extend Payroll Details Screen check box is selected, this window displays two additional tabs: Employee and Details.

The tax code and national insurance category can greatly alter the calculations of the payroll process. For this reason, it is recommended that any changes made are audited. You can switch on auditing by selecting the Use Maintenance Audit check box on the General tab of System Setup > Housekeeping > System Definitions.

The employee status (HR Record Status), which is also in the employment Terms window, is included so that you can quickly identify someone who is suspended. A suspended employee is excluded from the payroll calculation process.

Payment Method is also important because this dictates the employee’s inclusion in particular payment processes, such as BACS transfers.

For information about the details you enter on the NI and PAYE tab, click here.