P45 Part 3

Use this window to provide the system with the PAYE tax payment details from a previous employment in the current tax year (and also any static details of the employee), which will also be used in calculating further taxation values during their period of employment with your organization. This information is normally provided by a new employee on a P45 form.

Current Employment Details


The currently selected employee’s reference and name are displayed.

NI Number

Type the national insurance number. Although this is not required to influence the value of any NI contributions (employee or employer), it is required on future statutory documents, such as a P45, when the employee leaves your organization or for end-of-year returns, such as P60/P14.

You can maintain the national insurance category, which affects the values of contributions, in the NI Category field on the HR Record window, but it will not be available when the P45 is presented to you.

Reclaim Student Loans

Notify the system if the employee is still repaying an outstanding debt of a Student Loan. This is reported on the P45 document. It will be used by the calculation process to reduce the employees’ net pay, in accordance with the Threshold and Repayment Rate defined in the Payroll module parameters.

You can also change the setting for this check box by setting the Student Loan check box on the Other Controls tab in the payroll details window of the employee’s HR record.

Prefix / Code / Suffix

Enter the PAYE tax coding details of the employee, as supplied on the P45. Ensure the prefix, numeric code and suffixes are entered in the appropriate sections and remember that certain elements such as K codes are prefixes and not a suffix.

Week/Month 1

Indicate if the tax is calculated on a Week/Month 1 basis.

Both of the coding elements described on this page are integral to the gross to net pay calculation process and should be available on the presented P45. You can amend these details for an employee at a later date by using either the data maintenance options in HR Record, or they can be amended by automated tax code change facilities that globally amend the coding status of a number of employees. Typically, this the tax code number increases by X points, or the Week/Month 1 status is reset.

No Pay Until April ?

If the date that the employee has started work for you is before April 5th but they will not be paid until after April 5th, select this check box.

Address, Post Code, Date of Birth, Gender

You can now enter the employee’s personal details from the P45, if they are available. These include the address, postcode, date of birth, and gender. These details are also maintained on the HR Record > Personal Details window.

P45 / P46 Type

This is an optional marker that can be set for the employee, which is used during the submission or printing of P45s. When P45s  are processed (either printed or submitted to  HMRC through the Government Gateway), the employees who are to be included in the run may be selected in three different ways: by date range, by individual employee, or by selecting this marker.

You can leave this field blank or set it to one of the following values:

P45 Part 1 [Leavers]

P45 Part 3 [Starters]

P46 [Starters]

When you use the Payroll > Preprinted Stationery > P45 Print wizard, any employees where the value of the P45 / P46 Type field matches the selection criteria on the wizard will be included in the submission/print run. The wizard will then (optionally) reset the setting to show the P45s have been processed.

Previous Employment

Current Tax Year Values

Total Pay To Date

Type the total taxable pay from the previous employment, as shown on the P45. Note that this might also affect the value of any future tax calculations, Week/Month 1 indicator permitting.

Total TAX Paid

Type the total tax paid from the previous employment, as shown on the P45. Note that this might also affect the value of any future tax calculations, Week/Month 1 indicator permitting.

Leaving Date

Type or select the leaving date, that is, the date on which the employee left their previous employment.

Tax Code, Week/Month 1

Enter the taxcode details and Week 1 / Month 1 indicator of the employee’s previous employment, because they might differ from the employee’s current tax details.

Tax Office Number, Tax Office Reference

Type the tax office and reference details of the employee’s previous employer, as shown on the P45.

Previous Year Gross, Previous Year Tax, Payment Type, Last Pay Period, P11 Figure

Enter the details for the previous year gross and tax, payment type, last pay period and the P11 figure, as shown on the the P45 form, if they are available.

After you select Save and provide confirmation, the details provided are stored against the employee’s HR record and each is audited as a manual adjustment to an item of data. Other areas of the application are available to allow you to amend the details provided above.