Absence Review

Use this window to view an employee’s absences within a given time frame, and the employee’s holiday allowance and balances within the same time frame. You can select criteria to restrict the data displayed in the window.

Start Date, End Date

You can enter the start date and end date for the selection criteria.

Start Date defaults to either the year defined in Year Start on the Absences tab in the HR Application – Features window, or the last anniversary of the employee’s start date if the Employment Start Anniversary check box is selected.

End Date defaults to one year minus one day after the start date.

Absence Type

Select a type of absence, or ALL, from the drop-down list.


To refine the search, select the activity for the absence review.


The Summary area displays the employee’s holiday allowance (Allowance), the holidays taken (Taken), any absence days taken that were not holidays are displayed in Other and the balance of any remaining holiday entitlement is displayed in Balance. The Summary area displays any holiday entitlement records that are valid for the selected criteria — that is, have a start date between the start and end dates entered.

The grid displays any absences that meet the entered selection criteria and you can arrange the the data (you can move, sort, and group the data).


After you enter the criteria, click Search. The data is displayed in the window.