Use this window to record appraisal details against the selected employee. If a training requirement is discovered during an appraisal, a training need record can be entered at the same time and this will then be processed by the Staff Development module.

Creating an Appraisal record

The Appraiser, i.e. the person responsible for the appraisal, can be selected from a drop-down list. This look up refers to the Line Managers, which are maintained on the Personnel – Your Organisation menu.

The Appraisal Date can be entered or selected using the calendar look up. The Issue Date, which is the date when the appraisal documentation was issued, can also be entered.

An Appraisal type can be selected from the drop-down list. The Description is displayed but may be amended, if required.

An optional Appraisal Analysis may be given to the appraisal. This refers to the Appraisal codes, which are maintained in the Staff Development module.

The Performance Grade and Skills Grade can be entered. These are free format and there is no validation on values entered.

The Return Date is the date when the appraisal documentation was returned.

Click OK to save the record.


Note displays a window to allow free text to be kept with the appraisal record.


By clicking Needs, the Needs window is displayed, enabling you to enter any Training Needs that have been identified as part of the Appraisal process.  Any training Needs will automatically update an individual’s training needs record.


The date of Next Review or Appraisal can be entered into the Diary function by clicking Diary at the top of the window.