Enter Salary

Use this wizard to enter a salary against an employee whose salary is not based on a salary grade and scale point.

This wizard has four pages.

On page 1, type or select the reference of the employee to whom you want to apply a salary. The last employee you worked with is displayed as a default. To select the employee, click and find and select the employee. After you specify the correct employee, click Next.

On page 2, type the employee’s annual salary. After you enter the salary, click Next.

On page 3, type the Effective From date of the salary change. This is the date at which the salary change is considered to have taken place. This date can affect backdated pay awards if you also use the Payroll application. After you enter the date, click Next.

On page 4, select a reason for the salary change. This is optional. You can set up the reasons displayed in the list by using Personnel > Terms and Conditions > Salary Change Reason. After you select the salary change reason, click Finish.

After you confirm you want to continue, the process creates a new salary history record for the employee by using the values you enter.

The new salary is also used as the basis for any payroll payments that are defined as being based on the employee’s salary.