The diary provides a flexible automatic reminder system which can enable you to create prompts for certain actions thus acting as a type of “to do” list. Entries in the diary can be created by two different methods:

Automatically (using Diary Rules)

For example, a diary rule could be set up to create a reminder that an employee’s probation period is coming to an end three month’s after their start date or that an interview is required two months before an employee’s retirement date.

Manually (using Diary on the HR Record)

The window allows you to display and maintain review dates that have been set against an employee from within various options of the HR Record. Review dates can be set by the use of Diary explained in the Standard Buttons.

This window then provides a means of review all the diary items which have been created. Entries are listed in the left-hand side of the window whilst the right hand side allows you to put in selection criteria to restrict the items in the list.


A range of dates, today, this week or this month may be selected.


Items which are open (require attention), closed (resolved requiring no further action) or both may be displayed.


Items may be displayed for all employees or for just the currently selected one.


After entering any filters required in the above fields, click Search to display the list of items.


By highlighting an item in the list and clicking Details, you can see the full detail of the original item. For example, if the diary record was initiated by the entry of a car parking permit then the full details of the permit will be displayed.


By highlighting an individual item in the list and clicking Notes, free format text may be entered against the item.


Diary allows you to edit the currently selected item and would generally be used to change the status from open to closed to indicate that the item has been completed.

HR Card

This displays the HR card for the currently selected employee and shows details such as name, address, and employee reference.