This option records employee benefits under one of a number of categories:

  • National insurance benefits are used in a separate routine that calculates Class 1A contributions on benefits that are then displayed on statutory end-of-year documents. This category also requires the provision of an NI category, so that the calculation can be completed.
  • Taxable P11D benefits are also presented on statutory end-of-year documents and, as with the NI benefits, the commencement date of the benefit is required.
  • Finally, general benefits can be recorded that are not included in any payroll functionality, but are recorded as a point of reference for reports and enquiries. No attempt is made to include these items as additions to the payroll balances or to include any of the details on statutory end-of-year documents.

In all of the above categories, each benefit requires a summary description and an estimated value of the benefit where this is possible. Many benefits are difficult to evaluate and the value recorded can be a qualified estimate.