Activated by Data Entry

This type of Workflow would be activated as soon as the qualifying data is entered into the software.

For example, if the process was the entry of an absence record and the action was to send an email, the email would be sent when the absence record entry had been keyed in and Save selected. The email would be created and sent immediately after the new record had been saved to the database.


The system assigns a unique reference to the Workflow Process.


Assign a description to the Workflow Process that will allow you to identify the process at a later date.

When to Start

Set to Record Update.  This will react to new records and changes to existing records.

Monitor Changes To

Select the entity to monitor or changes to record or new records.

Qualifying Query

Use a query to limit when the process will trigger.  For example, if the Absences entity is being monitored, you may have a query with a filter Absence Type = Holiday to trigger an email to the line manager when a holiday is requested, or you may have a filter of Absence Type = Sickness and Calendar Days > 7 to trigger an email to the employee to request a fit note.

Note that the Workflow Process won’t trigger on the records that currently show in the query, but on new records that meet the criteria in the Qualifying Query, or records that are amended and meet the criteria in the Qualifying Query.

Qualifying Type

At which point during the authorisation process should the process trigger.

Exclude If

Use this option to limit how often a process is triggered.  Note that there’s the potential for a process to be triggered each time a record is amended, providing the record still meets the criteria set in the qualifying query.

First Action