Exclude If


The Exclude If fields assists in determining whether a Data record such as a sickness Absence entry or Employment History Record entry should be allowed to trigger a Workflow Action on more than one occasion.

It may be required that a Data Record should trigger the Workflow Process to Trigger again every time the Record is modified, as long as it still meets all other Process criteria, this would require a setting of Never.

The Exclude If field options are:

  • Never – There are no exclusion rules. If all requirements are met, the system should activate this Workflow. This would be the expected choice if you are monitoring data changes, as the same item of data might change constantly. For example, someone may move home or update their phone number. We want to be alerted to this EVERYTIME that data item is changed so we can never exclude ANY changes.
  • Already done ******* – These rules are generally tied together with reminder Workflows. If there is a certain process that needs to be done each day/week/month, then the appropriate delay can be added to this Workflow. This means that when the system checks if there are Workflows to process, it will check if this Workflow has already been triggered within the specified time period.
  • Ever done – This is generally tied in with requests that may be altered as they move through the system. Examples here would be overtime or leave requests. An employee may submit an overtime request through the Portal with a limited amount of options (generally the dates and reason for the overtime). Later, an HR user may add the overtime rate and pass this onto Payroll to be authorised. Payroll may make some further adjustments before finally making it live. In this example, we only want to inform the employee that we have received their new claim. The employee does not need to be informed again each time that record has been updated in the system. So here we can specify that the Workflow is triggered ONLY ONCE and then any further changes to that specific record do not trigger the Workflow again.
  • Done and Open – Some record submissions or updates can cover several fields or be Notes fields that take time to enter. Processes will trigger as soon as all required criteria are met which, in some instances, can be before the submission is complete. this setting is combined with a delay to the Workflow Action to implement a suitable pause, preventing the Process Action executing before all the required information is available. To be effective you also need to set the Action Date field in the Action setup to be at a suitable point in the future using a Diary Rule option of In 2 minutes or In 5 Minutes, as suited to the time needed to enter the information

In the instance of a sickness entry the process Action to notify someone that a colleague has been reported sick only needs to be triggered once so Ever Done is suited to this example